If this part of THE PROCESS fits your situation, you must have a release provided to you by the compliance department from the college/university you are wanting to depart from. Once you have upload your release and your current transcript to your player profile in addition to filling out the pertinent information along with any film you have from the college level, you will be on your way to finding a new home via THE PROCESS. College student-athletes in this situation that have their release are under a time restriction by the NCAA due to their remaining eligibility. Some things to think about:

  • From the day you step in class your freshman year, you have 10 semesters to play 4 seasons
  • Other than full-time military status or a dire family situation that clock does not stop

What we will do first is evaluate your transcripts and the time you have left and match that to your football playing ability.
WHY? The general rule for transferring is simple: if you transfer across or above your level you have to sit out a year. (i.e. Division 1A to Division 1A, Division 1AA to Division 1AA) However, if you transfer down, you are eligible to play immediately. The only exception is if you are a graduate from your current institution, you may eligible to play immediately for one season at an equal or greater level if there is a master’s program not currently offered at your present school. If you are not a graduate, you must have two years of eligibility remaining to transfer to a school on the same level. THE PROCESS thrives on situations like this where you have your back against the wall and need our connections and ability to get you evaluated immediately in helping you find a new home.


Once you have registered for FREE at THE PROCESS the next steps are:

The colleges/universities will now take control of the recruiting PROCESS. This is where the results come from

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