The most simple way to put it: the better your GPA and the better your ACT/SAT test score, the more opportunities you are going to have nationally, regardless of your football athletic ability. In contrast, the lower your GPA and ACT/SAT test score, the less opportunities you will have to earn a degree and scholarship to play college football.


We have mentioned several times throughout this website that only 4.0% of HS senior football players have the opportunity to play college football at any level. You need to do everything in your power from the first semester of your 9th grade year to try to achieve at least a B in every one of your classes, especially Core classes (English, Math, Science, Social Science, Foreign Language, etc.) By setting these goals, you are refusing to be “average” in any academic setting you are exposed to. Many schools, if not all schools, have assistance programs such as tutoring, study groups, etc. that you can utilize or be a part of to assist you in achieving at least a B in all the subjects mentioned above. To attain this standard for most students, it is going to take an equal amount of effort, if not more than the effort you put into being the best football player and teammate you can be on the field. Time management and effort will be the keys to your academic success. Starting in the 9th grade, if you have any below average or failing grades, you need to seek help and look to replace those grades immediately. At the beginning of your senior year, those grades will not be allowed to be replaced. The NCAA, starting for the 2016 graduating class, has implemented a new rule that will lock in 10 Core classes prior to your senior year in high school. And 7 of the 10 core courses must be in English, Math, or Science. You need to act early or be left on the outside wondering WHY.


The ACT/SAT test is a standardized test to gauge your knowledge, comprehension, and retention rate amongst your peers on a national level. The standardized test (ACT/SAT) is as important to college admission programs as your Core GPA. With that being said, you must prepare for this test like you would for a final exam.
Like learning anything in life, familiarity and repetition will help you raise the bar. There are practice tests offered through the ACT/SAT testing center, along with classes available that we highly recommend you take. At the end of the day, we are trying to help you earn the best degree possible (with the highest earning potential). A high GPA combined with a high test score will grant you greater opportunities. While we do not recommend below average grades or test score, THE PROCESS can and will help you if you happen to be in that situation; just know the road to achieve those goals and dreams is a lot harder.


A fast growing way to separate yourself in the scholarship race is to graduate in December of your senior year. However, it’s not for everybody.

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You have heard the words BIGGER, STRONGER, FASTER. There are many different variables that will help you excel in each one of those areas. If you have any desire to play college football at a high level, offseason strength and conditioning is a MUST! It has to become a way of life for you!


With the proper training in the weight room, you will build the muscle mass needed to maximize your physical potential and enhance your ability in on field position specific skills. The training you do in the weight room has to show up in your ability to play the game of football at a high level. Be sure that you are participating in off-season lifts with your team. THE PROCESS wants to make sure you are aware of the importance of off-season training and its relevance to in-season success.

Do not let any outside influences such as 7on7’s, All-Star teams, Elite 11’s, etc. interfere with your offseason strength and conditioning program. Although we are not discouraging these outside activities, we are trying to educate you on the importance of offseason strength and conditioning. Here is what offseason strength and conditioning can do for you:

  2. Prevention of injuries
  3. Increased production in on-field situations

The demands football has on the body is different from any other sport. On top of having to show change of direction with quick bursts of speed, athleticism, long speed, as well as having the ability to take high impact collisions, your ability to stay healthy is a vital part to staying on the field during the long and grueling season. We will leave you with this, “You can’t make the club if you’re in the tub.”

More information about Strength and Conditioning will be coming in the near future.


Without proper nutrition, you will never achieve optimal physical performance in terms of speed, power, agility, reaction, and quickness. The lack of advancement in these areas will greatly limit your ability to maximize your potential.

THE PROCESS is comprised of experts in football recruiting but by no means are we experts in off-season training. But what we do know is this: the more you train and the more stress you put on your joints and muscles your body needs these nutrients to aid in its recovery. The faster you can recover the more you can train.

This is where understanding nutritional value and how protein, carbohydrates, and calories affect the body in a positive way in terms of getting BIGGER, STRONGER, FASTER. Through our years of experience at the NFL and college level, we do know that protein intake 30 minutes before and within 30 minutes after workouts can help enhance you in every phase of offseason and in-season training.

More information about Nutrition will be coming in the near future.


As your body starts to change and there are visual results of you getting BIGGER, STRONGER, FASTER it is now time to transfer weight room improvement to physical functionality.

You should be working on position specific drills that are designed to train your muscles to complete tasks that are asked of you during in-game situations based upon the scheme your team runs.

Your conditioning must build up in the offseason, continue through the summer and into fall camp so that will allow you to compete at a high level for all 4 quarters.


Two questions that every football coach wants to know:
“Does he LOVE football?” If you do everything else we talked about previously this answer will be a resounding YES!

“How well does he learn?” A simple way to determine how well you learn is by looking at 3 things on film

  • Do you ALIGN right?
  • Do you execute your ASIGNMENT?
  • How is your TECHNIQUE?

This is NOT something you will learn during the season. It is mastered in the offseason, spring workouts, summer 7 on 7 with your team, and individual film study. The better you can DO YOUR JOB, it will show up on film and college coaches will take notice.


Attitude and character are two things that will play a huge role in your college football recruiting process. This encompasses every aspect of your life: your work ethic and attitude in the classroom, as a teammate and in your family. It can be the difference between earning a scholarship or having it taken away from you. If there is a player of similar or equal talent that you are competing against for a scholarship and that player exhibits better character and attitude than you do, 100% of the time a team is going to choose the player that exhibits the qualities it expects from its own team. This extends all the way up to pro football. Bill Belichick and Chip Kelly are prime examples of coaches that take character over talent every day of the week. Too many times we have seen very promising careers come to an abrupt end by making bad decisions. We can’t stress enough the importance that this has in not only your athletic career, but your professional career as well. It will affect your ability to support your family for the rest of your life. Legendary Georgia High School football coach Al Hughes, mentor and friend of Paul Gonnella, would preach to all his players, “Be where you are supposed to be, doing what you are supposed do, when you are supposed to be doing it and if you wouldn’t do it with me standing right there then you shouldn’t be doing it at all.”


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It is obvious we have differentiated the game of college football from every other sport. We are firm believers that if you have given 100% in academics, strength and conditioning, nutrition, conditioning/position specific workouts, and football intelligence, you have a great chance at earning yourself a college education and increasing your chances to play in the NFL. We will leave you with this quote from the great Bear Bryant, “It’s not the will to win that matters – everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.”

Things to do:

  • When a school starts showing you interest, show interest back
    • If they send you a questionnaire fill it out and return it
    • If they send you an invitation to an event, show up
    • If they call you, answer the phone
    • If you miss the call, call them back

Our job at THE PROCESS is to promote and showcase you to colleges that are a great fit for your on the field performance and your academic achievements. At the end of the day, when a college coach opens your film and he likes what he sees and you have the academic standing to gain admission into their institution the coaches will do all the work. With our help, the recruiting PROCESS will come to you. We are not a Do It Yourself service, if you DO YOUR JOB, we will bring the results that you want to see.

Through our years of experience being the head of a football recruiting office, we would like clarify a few things:


The lower the level, the later the recruiting process begins. Based off these facts and until a school has seen your film and moved you from a suspect to a prospect, taking the time to send unsolicited emails to college coaches is, in most cases, not a productive way to get recruited.


Make no mistake about it, college football recruiting is a billion dollar business. Most of these camps/combines/7 on 7 tournaments that are not put on by 4 year institutions are used to make money and truly only to promote a small portion of those in attendance. We are not discouraging your attendance at these camps/combines, but what we do want to do is make you aware of a couple things:

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College coaches put a high emphasis on any athletes they sign attending their camp.

College camps are ONLY held in June and July on their campus.

Colleges can and will offer scholarships on the spot during their camps.

Attend camps based on your current academic and athletic standing and also based on any interest you are receiving from college coaches

If you are not a top Division 1-A prospect, a lot of college camps will have lower level coaches working them. Be sure that you contact your recruiting coach at the school prior to you attending their camp. You want the college coaches at that school to know you are coming. Have your High School coach call as well so you get a true evaluation and don’t get lost in the chaos. If they know you are coming, you shouldn’t have to attend more than one session at the camp. Evaluation doesn’t take 3 days, it takes one session.

When you attend a camp for only one session, not only do you get a prorated rate, but it also allows you to attend other camps in that area to be seen and evaluated by those schools as well.
This is why it is imperative to plan out your summer camp schedule in advance and determine what is most advantageous for you.

If you are being recruited by an NAIA school, not only do they have camps but per NAIA rules they are also allowed to host a tryout.


There are recruiting services that mislead recruits on ways they can be recruited. At THE PROCESS, we will help clear up these myths.

Is it good to reach out to college coaches via email, phone call, text, Facebook, direct message, etc.?

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Do I continue to send unsolicited emails to colleges/universities after not hearing anything back after my first or second attempt?

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What are the determining factors on how a college coach wants me to communicate with him consistently?

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Highlight Tape

It is very important that you update your highlight film on a weekly basis during the season. Hopefully your team has HUDL and your film is readily available. It is okay to start your highlight tape in middle school. The key points in making your highlight tape:

  • You want all your best plays first! Why? It is very important to make a great first impression on film as college coaches will make an initial judgment based on your first few plays and if you are worth watching and evaluating further.
  • Don’t put plays on your highlight tape just to make it longer. It is called a “HIGHLIGHT” tape for a reason. A great highlight tape will be the first step in your transformation from a suspect to a prospect. Being a prospect will lead to a further evaluation and an open line of communication with coaches.
  • Remember as the evaluation progresses, full game film will be evaluated. The “eye in the sky” doesn’t lie. It is imperative that you play with great effort on every single play through the whistle. Don’t let another player outshine you because he gives greater effort. While alignment, assignment, and technique requires film study and football intelligence, “Effort requires no talent” as stated by Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Line Coach Jeff Stoutland.

Throughout this website, we have made it clear that your HIGH SCHOOL COACH and THE PROCESS are going to greatly increase your chances of your film not only being seen, but getting a proper evaluation both athletically and academically. We want to reiterate to you; finding the right fit is crucial. THE PROCESS will bring recruiting to you. (Sending out unsolicited email after unsolicited email to college coaches is counterproductive). Lastly, I am saying this LOUD and CLEAR: do not burn any bridges with any program that shows you interest.

Your hard work, dedication, sacrifice in every aspect of your life, combined with your HIGH SCHOOL COACH and THE PROCESS has created a great problem for you. You will now have opportunities and BIG decisions to make. From the movie “He Got Game,” coaches including Dean Smith, John Thompson, Coach K, Rick Pitino, and John Calipari all told Jesus Shuttlesworth “This will be the biggest decision of your life.” And make no mistake about it, it was true then and is still true now.

Over the last 10 years, it has become increasingly apparent that way too many kids are making this life-altering decision based on things that are not relevant to their success on and off the field. No matter if you are a 5-star or don’t have any stars at all, the decision is of equal importance to you. This decision is about YOU and only YOU. This is one time we recommend YOU be selfish.


If you are fortunate enough to have multiple schools after you, it is important to narrow down your list. You need to come up with a list of things that are most important to you. Some examples:

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Be careful in choosing a school solely because of the coaching staff. Due to the fluidity of coaches in college football beware of choosing a school simply because you want to play for a particular coach. College football is a business and these coaches have to do what is in the best interest of their families. It’s natural to feel good about a coaching staff and while it is going to impact your decision, we don’t recommend making it a high % of your decision.


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THE PROCESS can and will help you with this decision. This is one of the major reasons we came to this side of college football to help kids and their families make the best decisions and for the right reasons.

Once you have registered for FREE at THE PROCESS the next steps are:

  • Receive your initial evaluation by one of our senior recruiting experts
  • Fill out in FULL your player profile page
  • Choose a membership that fits your commitment level and recruiting needs
  • Upload highlight film, game film, workout film or anything else media wise that will assist us in painting the true picture of who you are as a student-athlete
  • A FULL evaluation by one of our football recruiting experts of your entire player profile that includes, but is not limited to, your academic and athletic achievements will be completed
  • You will be ranked and matched with schools that meet your academic and athletic achievements
  • At this point in time all you will need to do is keep your player profile page updated on a consistent basis
  • The prep schools/junior colleges/universities will now take control of the recruiting process. This is where the results come from!
  • Once you have reached this point in recruiting, your dreams and aspirations are close to being a reality

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