High School Football Players (U.S. & International) 1,750,000
High School Football Seniors 437,500
NCAA Football Players 70,147
NCAA Freshman Playing Football 20,042
% of Players HS to NCAA 4.0%
NCAA Seniors Playing Football 15,588
Football Players Scouted by NFL 6,500
Football Players Invited to the Combine 350
Football Players Drafted 256
Rookie Players Making an NFL Team 300
% of Players NCAA to NFL 1.5%
NFL Players Reaching Year 4 150
2014 NFL Minimum Salary $420,000
Estimated Income After Taxes $252,000

If you’re fortunate enough to be one of the 4.0% to become a college football player, or one of the 1.5% of that group to make it to the NFL, you’ll be lucky to get through three years out of it. At minimum salary in the NFL, you will not make enough income to live on for the rest of your life. What’s going to provide for you and your family after football is over?

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