CEO Paul Gonnella has been the Director of Player Personnel at some of the top schools in the country (Alabama, UNC, Tennessee, Miami, Purdue, Memphis, South Florida) as well as a HS coach in the top classification in Georgia at Lovejoy HS. Having had the opportunity to be on both sides of the fence at a high level we wanted to develop a product that does the work for you as well as maximize the opportunities for kids.

We have made this process very easy for you. There is no logging in, no searching for kids that might be able to play at your level, none of that. All you have do is open the email when it is sent to you and you can be assured the prospect has already been fully evaluated on position specific skills and critical factors as well as his Core GPA and Test Score. The evaluation has derived from NFL and college coaches and has been instrumental in their success on the field including winning National Championships at multiple levels. Once a full evaluation is complete, schools that the prospect fits both academically and athletically will receive and individualized email with a link to the player profile page. (ALL emails coming from us will have a email address. Prospects will NOT be able to email you directly from our site.)

The player profile page will have all the information you will ever need to assist you in the recruiting process. Periodically, you will receive an excel spreadsheet that you can sort any way you would like. The excel spreadsheet will include a link to the profile page. At the end of the day, “It’s click and recruit!” We are confident when you watch the film at worst you ought to say he has a chance. From this point forward, we are going to leave the recruiting up to you. You are two clicks away from being in contact with any recruit we send you.

  • STEP #1: Open the email
  • STEP #2: Evaluate the film
  • STEP #3: Begin communication with prospect

There is no registering, no signing up, no logging in, no searching for prospects that may or may not be able to play for you. In less than 5 minutes you have identified a new prospect that can play at your level.

From our experience at your level, we noticed a void in the recruiting process. Year after year colleges at all levels and their players part ways for one reason or another (or a graduate student that isn’t your plans) leaving the player without a home to continue his education, ability to earn a degree, and continue playing the game he loves. At some point in time, hopefully you will be a recipient of one of our transfers but we can also assist your players in finding a new home. Rest assured we will never assist a student-athlete without a release from his school in our hands.

If your school accepts JUCO transfers, this is another way THE PROCESS can and will assist you in filling needs on your team. It’s the same process for you in terms of (1) Opening the email (2) Evaluating the film (3) Beginning communication with prospect.

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