The foundation of THE PROCESS was formed from CEO Paul Gonnella’s experience as a coach and recruiting coordinator at Lovejoy HS in Clayton County, Georgia. He identified a glaring need to assist you in maximizing your players’ opportunities and finding the best fits for them. As a high school coach, you simply don’t have the time nor resources available to uncover every single school in the country that could be a fit academically and athletically for your players.

Despite Lovejoy HS being located in one of the top 5 areas of the country to produce college football players and the hundreds of college coaches that came through the doors every year, there were still too many other colleges that could have been a great fit academically and athletically that never made it into the school. THE PROCESS wants to prevent these missed opportunities from happening.

Through our years of experience at the big-time high school and college football levels, THE PROCESS understands how important your role is in your players’ recruitment. In almost every situation your player’s relationships with college coaches will go directly through you. You are instrumental in cultivating and developing these relationships. We are simply a means to get your players film seen by the right people, evaluated and in turn maximizing their opportunities through our relationships and trust within college football.

We will assist your players in the following areas:
Educate your players and their families about the entire recruiting process though the extensive and unmatched information on this website

Identify what each person’s role is in the recruiting process
Collect and organize everything a college coach could want or need to recruit a player
Evaluate your player’s position specific skills, critical factors, character, academics and intelligence through our detailed analysis compiled from top NFL and college coaches
Strategically match your players with college football programs that fit their criteria academically and athletically
Not only will your player’s detailed player profile and film be sent to every school that he fits, but he will also be put into THE PROCESS database which will be updated and sent out regularly

Once this process has been completed, we highly recommend that you continuously remind your players to actively update their profile page with the most up-to-date information so it is readily available to coaches.

We are NOT a self-service recruiting model. Outside of us gathering information from your players, THE PROCESS is fully designed to educate, organize and streamline the recruiting process for them. There is no other product around like this as we know first-hand from being on the college side the last 10 years.

We are here for you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in any way that we can assist you, your players or their families.

For THE PROCESS to assist you and your program in the best way possible, we encourage you to have anyone who thinks they want to play college football to visit our site and sign up to receive their personalized player profile as early in their career as possible. This will drastically increase their knowledge and understanding of the recruiting process, but will also give us time to maximize their potential opportunities.


If you are a Prep School coach that has a 5th year post graduate only player it is imperative that you drive them to the site to sign up ASAP. Our backs are against the wall, but THE PROCESS can and will still help them.

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