THE PROCESS appreciates you taking the time, effort, and energy to be a part of this PROCESS with your son. At THE PROCESS, we feel that a parent/guardian should play a huge role in the recruiting process. It’s important that you learn the ins and outs of the recruiting process so that a mentor/7 on 7 coach/position specific coach (i.e. QB coach)/family friend doesn’t replace you in the primary role of helping your son with the biggest decision of his life. Although having assistance from the aforementioned is needed as the recruiting process can become a part-time job, you as the parent/guardian is the only one who can sign the National Letter of Intent on Signing Day giving your approval for your son to attend a particular school. Don’t be left in the dark in your crucial role.

THE PROCESS website provides the most detailed college football recruiting information in the world. We want to give you the answers to the test before you have to make big decisions. We recommend you take the time to familiarize yourself with all of the tabs across the top of our website. We invite you to look into other services, as it’s always good to know what else is out there, but we are a “football-specific recruiting service” with unmatched experience that will get you the best results.

THE PROCESS product was specifically designed by our CEO Paul Gonnella, who has been the Director of Player Personnel and in charge of recruiting at Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, Miami just to name a few in the last 10 years. We have come to your side now to guide and assist you in THE PROCESS. Our company was started because there is nothing else like it out there and there was an enormous void for it. We are an extension of you in this process and are here to alleviate a lot of the burden off you and to guide you to becoming THE CHAMPION.


It is imperative that you understand what the NCAA guidelines are in terms of becoming a qualifier to be able to participate in college athletics.


At THE PROCESS, the first thing we always want to talk about is academics. As a parent/guardian, we are assuming that you hold academics to a higher standard than athletics in your son’s life. If not, we are telling you to do so and here is why. Out of the 437,000 high school senior football players who are graduating with your son, only 256 will be drafted into the NFL. With that number in mind, the focal point of your son’s recruiting should be the worth of his college degree.

The higher your son’s GPA and Test Score the more opportunities that will be available to him. It is crucial in your role to form a relationship with his high school guidance counselor to ensure that your son is advancing academically towards college admittance as well as following the criteria the NCAA puts on a qualifier. (See NCAA tab for more information)


As we stated in the ATHLETES section, early gradation is not for every student-athlete. If you son fits the criteria and is able to graduate in December his attractiveness to potential schools will greatly increase. He has to (1) be able to meet the NCAA requirements for Core classes and GPA as well as a qualifying test score and (2) meet all of his high school’s graduation requirements and be able to obtain a final high school transcript with a graduation date in December on it to be able to enroll in the 4-year college/university in January of his senior year. And you as his parent/guardian have to determine if he is mature enough physically, mentally and socially to endure college campus life.


Due to the physical demands of football, strength and conditioning plays a vital role in (1) physical development and (2) prevention of injuries. Most, if not all, high school football programs have a plan in place for in-season and offseason strength and conditioning. We encourage you as a parent/guardian to make sure that your son’s team has it available. If it is not available at your son’s school, we highly recommend you find a local strength and conditioning coach to help your son get BIGGER, STRONGER, FASTER. While there is a cost when outsourcing strength and conditioning, you should look at it as an investment in your son rather than just another bill. If this is not financially feasible, we recommend locating the local YMCA to enhance your son’s physical development.

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SOCIAL MEDIA: Due to the enormous reach of social media, everything that your son tweets, retweets, shares or posts will be seen. Something that seems harmless could cost your son a scholarship. We have seen it happen too many times and don’t want your son to be the next victim. Not only do we suggest you talk with your son about this, but also that you monitor his activity. If there is a player of similar or equal talent that your son is competing against for a scholarship and that player exhibits better character and attitude than your son does, 100% of the time a team is going to choose the player that exhibits the qualities it expects from its own team. This extends all the way up to pro football. Bill Belichick and Chip Kelly are prime examples of coaches that take character over talent every day of the week. Too many times we have seen very promising careers come to an abrupt end by making bad decisions. We can’t stress enough the importance that this has in not only your son’s athletic career but his professional career as well. Make no mistake, how your son acts is a direct reflection on you.


If you were not already aware of all the factors that can affect your son in a positive or negative way throughout the development you are now. These factors include academics, strength and conditioning, nutrition, offseason training, attitude and character just to name a few. As a parent you are not expected to be an expert in all those areas. Your high school coach and THE PROCESS can assist you in guiding your son to achieve his dreams and goals. We recommend asking many questions so you can assist your son in making the biggest decision of his life.

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