We have already provided you some of the questions you should ask to gather comparable data on each school. It is very important to narrow down your son’s list of schools to those he can realistically see himself at. Recruiting can easily turn into a job which takes away from all that his he is doing to become a CHAMPION is every facet of his life. DON’T LET RECRUITING CONTROL YOU, YOU CONTROL RECRUITING.

DO NOT LET YOUR SON BASE HIS DECISION OF ANY OF THE FOLLOWING – The decision is based off substance, not smoke and mirrors.

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THE PROCESS is a full-service everything college football recruiting company. We are an extension of you and your son. The information provided on this website, your son’s player profile page and the memberships we provide are all tools to help enhance your son’s recruitment. Our CEO, Paul Gonnella, has sat in the chair as the recruiting coordinator of top Division 1-A schools for the last eight years, while our National Scouts have been in NFL Draft war rooms as well as coached at the Division 1-A and Division II levels. Our unique view of the entire recruiting process based on years of first-hand experience is the foundation of THE PROCESS. There was a glaring need in recruiting from the student-athlete’s perspective and we are here to change the game and help you.

We encourage you to do the research yourself and we are extremely confident your findings will lead you back to THE PROCESS. Most recruiting services out there say a lot but do NOTHING!! Do not get taken advantage of due to you needing assistance in the recruiting world. THE PROCESS has you and your son’s best interest at hand at ALL TIMES!!


THE PROCESS can and will help you and your son with this decision. This is one of the major reasons we came to this side of college football to help kids and their families make the best decisions and for the right reasons. This decision is about your son and your son only.


Once he has registered for FREE at THE PROCESS the next steps are:

  1. Fill out in FULL your son’s player profile page which will have everything a college coach could want on it. This is one of a kind, nothing else this thorough exits
  2. Receive your son’s initial evaluation by one of our senior recruiting experts
  3. Choose a membership that matches your son’s recruiting needs
  4. Upload highlight film, game film, workout film or anything else media wise that will assist us in painting the true picture of who your son is as student-athlete
  5. Watch Recruiting Webinars to educate you and your son on the ever changing landscape of college football recruiting
  6. A FULL evaluation by one of our football recruiting experts of your son’s entire profile that includes, but is not limited to, his academic and athletic achievements will be completed
  7. Your son will be ranked and matched with colleges
  8. At this point in time all your son will need to do is keep his player profile page updated on a consistent basis
  9. The colleges/universities will now take control of the recruiting PROCESS. This is where the results come from
  10. Once your son has reached this point in recruiting his dreams and aspirations are close to being a reality

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