You should be the CHAMPION (person at the end of the day that is going to be the one to assist your son in making his decision on where he will earn his college degree and further his football career). High school coaches, mentors, trainers, friends and family should play a big role in helping you obtain all the information you need in assisting your son in making a sound decision. Advice should be welcomed from outside sources, but we at THE PROCESS feel this should be a family decision. By taking this approach you will minimize the risk of heeding advice from sources that do not fully have your son’s best interest at hand. At THE PROCESS, we are experts in this area. THE PROCESS works for you; and your son’s best interest is paramount. Do not be fooled!

We advise that you make notes on each school that is recruiting your son and that you ask many questions to obtain comparable data. Questions you should ask:

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The questions above give you a great start on obtaining pertinent information that will assist you and your son in making a decision. This comparable data will help you in narrowing down your schools based on what is most important to you. What separates THE PROCESS from everyone else is the personal relationships and experience we have within college football. However, these relationships and connections will never supersede what is in the best interest of your son.

Make no mistake about it, college football coaches’ livelihood is at stake. This is their way to support their families. They have a job to do and their job is to get the best players they can that will ultimately help them win games. Coaches will make decisions based on what is best for their program and that doesn’t always align with what is in the best interest of your son in realizing his goals and dreams.

CAMPS/COMBINES/7 ON 7 TEAMS (not associated with your son’s school)


  1. College coaches put a high emphasis on any athletes they sign attending their camp
  2. College camps are ONLY held in June and July on their campus
  3. Colleges can and will offer scholarships on the spot during their camps unlike non-university sponsored camps, combines, and 7 on 7 tournaments

This is why THE PROCESS encourages you to narrow down the list of potential schools your son is considering and try and be present at those school’s camps. Attend camps based on your son’s current academic and athletic standing and also based on any interest he is receiving from college coaches.
If your son is not a top Division 1-A prospect, a lot of college camps will have lower level coaches working them where your son can gain exposure.

This is a MUST. Be sure that your son contacts his recruiting coach at the school prior to him attending their camp. You want the college coaches at that school to know your son is coming. Have his High School coach call as well so he gets a true evaluation and doesn’t get lost in the chaos. If they know he is coming, he shouldn’t have to attend more than one session at the camp. Evaluation doesn’t take 3 days, it takes one session.
When your son attends a camp for only one session, not only do you get a prorated rate but it also allows him to attend other camps in that area to be seen and evaluated by those schools as well.
This is why it is imperative to plan out your son’s summer camp schedule in advance and determine what is most advantageous for him.
If he is being recruited by an NAIA school, not only do they have camps but per NAIA rules they are also allowed to host a tryout.


From a coach’s point of view, recruiting is about relationships. The stronger the relationship a college coach has with anyone close to you or your son, the better he will feel about securing an official visit or a commitment. College coaches know that they not only have to win over your son, but they also have to win over you (parent/CHAMPION). If coaches are serious about your son attending their school, they should contact you and give you all of their information to get in touch with them regarding any questions. We advise you to contact them to obtain the information you need to make an educated decision. If college coaches are not involving you in the recruiting process, you can assume one of three things:

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Your son’s highlight tape could make or break whether he is recruited or not and at what level. On the PLAYERS tab > MIDDLE/HIGH/PREP SCHOOL > YOUR ROLE IN THE RECRUITING PROCESS scroll down to HIGHLIGHT TAPE, we described to your son what should and should not be on the highlight tape and how to prepare it. Before sending out your tape to any colleges, it is good to lean on your high school coach and others assisting you with the recruiting process. When you become a MEMBER of THE PROCESS we can make the highlight tape for your son. We can also offer advice as we continue our communication through the process.

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