Paul Gonnella

I have personally worked with Paul at UNC and at U-Miami and have had a relationship with him for almost a decade. In terms of recruiting, evaluation and understanding our team needs, there is no better in the game. His passion for recruiting and his willingness to work was evident from day 1. If you have chance to be around Paul you will find that out pretty quick. When Paul brought us a player, chances were he could play. Plain and simple. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone who has needs in terms of college football recruiting.

John Lovett
Philadelphia Eagles Personnel Department

Coach Paul Gonnella has been around the recruiting process for years and understands what kids need. His service will be beneficial to coaches & athletes.

Alonzo Highsmith
Green Bay Packers Senior Personnel Executive

Coach Paul Gonnella is a fantastic evaluator of talent! He is thorough and knows the recruiting process from top to bottom. He's earned great experience rising up through the high school ranks and ascended all the way up to the highest level of college football. He has a unique perspective having experienced both ends of the recruiting spectrum. He's seen talent in the ACC and the SEC, having worked at North Carolina, Miami and Alabama. Coach Gonnella has recruited on America's most competitive fields. There is no doubt in my mind he knows the recruiting process and can help guide and direct any student athlete to achieve their goals.

Steve Hagen
NY Jets tight ends coach

As one of the top players in the country Paul Gonnella was one of the reasons why I chose University of Miami. He was relentless in his recruitment of me and made it very clear why The U under Randy Shannon was the right place for me.

Seantrel Henderson
OT Buffalo Bills

Paul Gonnella is a stand up man with the purest loyalty. His deep knowledge of the game has took him through an unbelievable path of experience through the high school and college level of football. That has translated to relationships with numerous coaches and players of all sorts around the country. When you talk to Paul and deal with him on a personal level you see his passion for the game, you see his loyalty toward people who are loyal themselves and it builds an easy common ground for people to build off of. There's no telling how many people he's helped and impacted over the years through the special game of football and that's something you can use and lean on in a positive way.

Al Louis-Jean
CB Chicago Bears

Coach G has been a great influence in young inspiring athletes for years now. During my high school career he helped take me to the next level in the college recruiting process. He also helped me go to the Nike Combine as well as the Elite 11 QB combine also the Elite College combine earning scholarships to every SEC school as well as Big 10 and ACC. Coach G gets the job done and has become a role model, and friend since I was a younger athlete. He is one of the best!‬

Mario Fannin
RB Denver Broncos

It was evident from the time I was with Paul at Purdue that he had a passion for recruiting. He was knowledgeable in every aspect and he was a great evaluator of talent. When you add those two things up together, success followed us in recruiting pretty quickly. I would recommend Paul to any parent whose son needs assistance in football recruiting. His on the point evaluation along with his many contacts at the collegiate level will open doors.

Gary Emanuel
Indianapolis Colts defensive line coach

Having worked with Paul at Miami and Alabama, it was clear that Paul had great work ethic, a passion for recruiting and helping kids. Evaluating is an specific skill that not many people master, but Paul was able to see our needs and show us the prospects we needed to be on to be a successful program. When you add up all his skills and match those skills to his abundance of contacts at the collegiate level, success will follow him quickly. I would highly recommend Paul to any parent or prospect who wants results.

Joe Pannunzio
Philadelphia Eagles Director of Personnel Operations

I met Paul in 2003 when I was the Defensive Coordinator for the Orlando Predators. It was evident then that Paul had a passion for football, recruiting and helping kids. He has had success where ever he has been and obviously he has been to some pretty big schools and worked under and with some of college footballs greatest minds. Being in the NFL the last couple years I had the opportunity to see how far Paul has come in terms of his ability to evaluate. When I visited him and he gave me an evaluation on a kid, I listened. He has a great eye for talent and 12 years later he still has the passion for the game and helping kids. Who ever gets assisted by Paul in recruiting will increase their chance tremendously of being recruited by the right schools.

Bret Munsey
Washington Redskins Special Projects Coach

Paul Gonnella is one of the top experts in the field of recruiting that I have encountered in all of my years of coaching. He is very knowledgeable, thorough, and his vast array of experience keeps him several steps ahead of the competition. Paul is extremely adept in the evaluation of an athlete's ability, and potential. His broad net of contacts at every level gives him the leverage to assist many in pursuit of their athletic dreams. Lastly what impresses me the most about Paul is his sincere and passionate interest in helping the student-athlete. Paul Gonnella is the "Real Deal" in helping you to navigate through, and manage "The Process".

David Kelly
former NCAA and NFL coach

I have known Paul for the past 7 years and worked with daily during the 2009 football season and I am honored to write this letter on his behalf. It gives me pleasure to discuss Paul’s passion for the game, relationship with players, and his professional work ethic. Additionally, I feel he would be a great attribute to any organization. Furthermore, his core family values will enable him to interact with a wide array of people.

Aubrey Hill
Head Football Coach Miami Carol City Senior High

Coach Gonnella is a hard working family man with strong moral fiber and family values. Coach G. has dedicated his life to the young men who play the game of football. It is Coach Gonnella’s inclination to provide leadership and support in the growing “process” of the young men who play football. Coach Gonnella has been a driving force at all levels of football. He has served as high school coach in both Georgia and in Massachusetts and has moved to the college level to coach, recruit and guide in the “process” of football evolution. Coach G cares about the kids and through his “process” young men will be given a foundation for success through the game of football.

Donald Heres
Northeast Metro Tech Athletic Director

Paul has always had an eye for talent. He has helped build a National Championship Team at the University of Alabama, as well as turn programs around such as the University of Tennessee, Memphis, North Carolina, Miami and South Florida. Everywhere he has been teams have improved and won. Countless times I have reached out to Paul to help me with some young men that I coached. No matter what time I called he would always be working but he would always be willing to help. Paul would go out of his way to make sure to help find schools for these athletes. If the athlete was a D1 athlete he (would) find him a home, if he was a D1AA athlete he would find him a home, D2, D3 it didn’t matter to Paul he would always help find a home for the athlete... When it comes down to experience, work ethic and loyalty there is no one better or anyone I trust more then, Paul.

Carlos Ruiz
Prestonwood Christian Academy Special Teams Coordinator/OL Coach

The experience that I gained from working with Paul has been unmatched. He has a vast amount of resources at the collegiate level and his ability to evaluate talent comes second to none. The desire he has to help student athletes at the next level is what sets him apart from most. The passion and excitement that he brings to the table is an asset for any player college football player or program. His relentless drive will continue to sustain him as one of the top evaluators. It was nothing but a privilege being able to spend the years I did working for him!

Joe Thomas Lauerman
HS Football Coach

I met Paul Gonnella in 2001, at Lovejoy High School in Georgia, where we worked in the athletics department together. I witnessed him help several students receive Division I scholarships in that year. Much of my skill in aiding basketball players with the college / scholarship qualification process I learned from Paul. After leaving Lovejoy, Paul took his recruiting talents to the SEC, ACC, and the American Athletic Conference. Paul has college level experience as a coach, recruiting coordinator, and athletic administrator. Paul has a keen ability for recognizing talent. He has connections with coaches in Division I, II, and lll. He has helped schools like Alabama, Mississippi State, South Florida, and University of North Carolina land the best recruiting classes in years!

Jimmy Fields, Jr
High School Administrator Atlanta GA / Former High School Athletic Director/Coach

Paul Gonnella has been on both sides of the spectrum in regards to recruiting high School athletes. He has seen the side from the high school coaches perspective as well as seeing and understanding what college coaches look for when recruiting high school athletes. I know the work that Paul Gonnella puts in to football, and I know that with his work ethic Paul will create a “top of the line” recruiting service that will have the ability to display the knowledge from both a high school and college perspective. Paul Gonnella is and individual that has an intricate knowledge of the “recruiting game”, and for this reason I feel completely safe in recommending “The Process” to all high school athletes looking for a recruiting edge.

Craig Chatman
Lithia Springs High School Head Football Coach

I have known Paul Gonnella for 15 years. It is during that time I have witnessed the exceptional qualities and skills that Paul has to work with people... It is my great pleasure to endorse Paul Gonnellla and I believe that he is the best recruiter in the nation!

Al J. Hughes
Head Football Coach (Retired) Lovejoy High School

It has been my great pleasure to call Coach Paul Gonnella my friend and teammate for 25 years. Coach Gonnella is an expert evaluator and teacher of the great game of football. Most importantly, throughout Coach Gonnella's career as a high school and college coach, he has always made his student / athletes his very top priority.

Bob Wager
Athletic Coordinator/ Head Football Coach Martin High School

I am thankful for the opportunity to of had Paul Gonella speak directly to our football student athletes at IMG Academy and discuss with them the truth about college football recruiting. Paul was able to offer real life knowledge based on years of experience in a college football recruiting environment, giving our players an inside look to what college football staffs are looking at and the way they operate. This info will prove valuable to our kids while navigating the recruiting process in helping them find and choose a school that fits them academically, athletically and socially. Paul is all about helping the kids and putting them in a position to find and learn of opportunities. I truly believe with Paul’s experience, knowledge, and contacts within college football, he has much to offer any aspiring high school football student athlete and their family looking for help with the recruiting process.

Paul Fair
Football Student Athlete Advisor IMG Academy

Boomer Philbrick

During our time together at the Miami Dolphins it was apparent very quickly Boomer Philbrick's evaluation skills, ability to build and grow relationships and an outstanding work ethic would lead to a lot of success in this business. After hearing about THE PROCESS and having played college football at UCLA, I would recommend this as a recruiting tool for you.

George Paton
Minnesota Vikings Assistant General Manager

From Day #1 at the University of Miami, Boomer took me under his wing and helped me on and off the field in achieving my dream of making it to the NFL. And with Paul's recruiting knowledge and connections THE PROCESS is sure to help a lot of kids.

Leonard Hankerson
WR Atlanta Falcons

While at University of Miami there was nobody I trusted more than Boomer. He stood by my side the entire time and never wavered in his commitment to helping me make it to the NFL.

Seantrel Henderson
OT Buffalo Bills

Having known Boomer since I began my career at the University of Miami I know how hard he works and the relationships he has formed with players, coaches and parents. Coming from a very small town off the coast of Georgia, THE PROCESS definitely can help kids gain exposure to colleges they never would have had without it. And the hundreds of relationships within football Paul and Boomer have will get your film seen by coaches.

Allen Bailey
DL Kansas City Chiefs

The Process

THE PROCESS is an innovative recruiting tool that will benefit a lot of kids and college coaches will be very receptive to it. Working with Boomer and Paul at University of Miami, I know how hard they work and will be relentless in getting results.

Michael Barrow
Seattle Seahawks LB Coach

It took us a while to decide to team up with The Process to make sure our son Hayden got the best possible opportunity to play ball at the next level. One year later he's second line at Southern Mississippi - living the dream. Incredible experience. The Process was best decision we made for his recruiting! Highly recommend!

Carrie and Greg Sturdevant

Our son attended a leading New England prep school where he was an aspiring hockey and lacrosse player. He made a very late push into football, and was not on ANY college recruiting lists. With the direction, support and guidance of The Process, our son received the coaching and exposure he needed. Two years later, he is a member of an SEC championship team that won the Rose Bowl and competed for the National Championship. None of that happens without Paul, Mark and their team.

Chris Seter
Father of a The Process member

Never in any year of my high school experience did I expect to end up where I am today. But here I am, and I couldn't be more grateful. THE PROCESS helped put me exactly where I believe I was supposed to end up. Being a part of THE PROCESS gave me a feeling of ease as I worked my way through the recruiting process. I never felt worried about getting a chance to keep playing ball. Mark and his team constantly kept me in the loop and worked extremely hard to put me in a position to be successful at the next level. Anyone trying to make the recruiting process stress free and more productive would be smart to look them up!

Simeon Page

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