We have seen it all and what really transpires during the recruiting process from the inside out at each level. We have been a part of a BCS National Championship team and we have worked for programs that have won a combined 28 National Championships. We have headed the #1 recruiting class in the nation. We have been in charge of entire university athletic departments. We have been in an NFL Draft war room. We have been a high school coach helping student-athletes get to the next level. Our experience is UNMATCHED! After 57 years, learning from some of the best recruiters in the history of college football, there is finally a service to truly help you. We are taking all that knowledge and experience and giving you the answers to the test.

In the last 35 years, our senior staff has been heavily involved in the NFL and D-1A college football programs. It was apparent to us the glaring need for a complete and comprehensive football recruiting specialized service that assists student-athletes, parents, mentors, and high school coaches alike in understanding and guiding them through the most competitive recruiting process in all of sports today. We are experts in everything about college football recruiting. We DO NOT and WILL NOT attempt to generalize college football recruiting with other sports when it is a one of a kind difficult, competitive, and vicious process unlike anything else.


Regardless of where you are from or what your financial or family situation is, THE PROCESS can help you. We have developed a unique model that is technologically sound and specifically designed to be a full-service product for everyone involved in THE PROCESS (student-athletes, family, friends, mentors, high school coaches and college coaches).

Our mission is simple: Have an INNOVATIVE PRODUCT and HELP KIDS.

THE PROCESS will guide student-athletes to be a CHAMPION in every facet of their life (academically, athletically and socially) on a daily basis and to assist them in not only striving for goals, but reaching goals they never thought attainable.

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