We have seen it all and what really transpires during the recruiting process from the inside out at each level. We have been a part of a BCS National Championship team and we have worked for programs that have won a combined 28 National Championships. We have headed the #1 recruiting class in the nation. We have been in charge of entire university athletic departments. We have been in an NFL Draft war room. We have been a high school coach helping student-athletes get to the next level. Our experience is UNMATCHED! After 57 years, learning from some of the best recruiters in the history of college football, there is finally a service to truly help you. We are taking all that knowledge and experience and giving you the answers to the test.

Our CEO Paul Gonnella, has been the Director of Player Personnel and been in charge of recruiting in the SEC, ACC, BIG10, Big East and AAC for the last eight years. We have specifically designed a recruiting model that does not presently exist at all levels of college football recruiting. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR EXPERIENCE. We are changing how the recruiting process is done from the perspective of a student-athlete, parent and coach. When you become the head recruiter for Nick Saban and the University of Alabama, you gain instant credibility within all college football programs.

As our client, our senior staff will evaluate you based on your position specific skills, critical factors, height to weight to speed ratio, character and intelligence. All evaluations will be approved by our CEO before you are matched with schools based on your academic and athletic standards. THE PROCESS evaluation will mirror the standards and criteria that all 940 football playing institutions utilize.

What separates us from competitors are three crucial factors: TRUST, RESPECT AND PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS.

As the head recruiter in major college football, Coach Gonnella would get on average 150 unsolicited emails a day from recruits, mentors, family members, friends, coaches and other recruiting services. It is virtually impossible to truly evaluate each prospect. Through our personal relationships and respected evaluation skills, college coaches and recruiting personnel know that we are only sending them prospects who have already been evaluated and fit their standards. In essence, what we have done is ensure college coaches that the player profile they are opening will match their criteria and standards. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!


Whether you are a 5-Star with 50 offers (which comes with its own set of issues) or a recruit with no offers, THE PROCESS will assist you in a way that other recruiting services cannot.

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